Nieuws: The War Z is beta en heeft nieuwe content

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 05 december 2012 om 01:35 uur

The War Z is een leuke stand alone game die tot gisteren in alpha fase verkeerde, en nu de opstap naar beta heeft gemaakt. Om dit te vieren zijn er gelijk nieuwe game packages vrij gekomen met nieuwe content. Wat het precies is, kan je hier onder lezen.

This latest evolution will include several new features, including the release of the full game map as well as new purchase options for incoming players.

With the start of Beta, The War Z development team is introducing some highly sought after content and features, including:

  • New Characters – new playable characters
  • Clan Support – in-game clan tags, in-game clan chat, visual markers for clan members
  • New Playable Area – final section of the “Colorado” game world opened up, increasing current map size by 50 percent
  • New Items – players will have access to new items in the game marketplace

    Additionally, to honor the core community that supported the game through Alpha, Hammerpoint will be providing current players with a bevy of perks and also eliminating the existing “Survivor, Pioneer and Legend” game packages, which will be replaced with three different packages for new players. The new packages will include guest keys and in-game currency, but will not include any of the special recognition perks offered with the previous packs.

    “We are extremely happy with the way our public Alpha has been going,” said Sergey Titov, executive producer for The War Z. “We will now move to a short Beta period before we transition again to our Foundation Release, at which point we will continue to work with our community to add features and content that will continue the evolution of the game. As long as our players keep playing, we will keep developing!”
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