Nieuws: James Mangold en Dafne Keen over Logan & Casting X-23

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 11 maart 2017 om 21:48 uur

Terwijl Logan als een malle scoort in de bioscopen, geven de makers en de cast nog steeds interviews met de pers om deze onwijs vette film te promoten. Zo had de website Collider een interview met James Mangold en Dafne Keen over de film en het casten van X-23.

How did the audition process go when it came to casting X-23?

: Well, Dafne, do you want to answer this one?

DAFNE KEEN: I sent in a tape.

MANGOLD: I actually wish I could do interviews with this much brevity as Dafne has, but yeah, they made a tape of her climbing around their house, doing somersaults, and acting in some scenes from the film. All of it was amazing, especially the scaling of the 12-foot bookshelves, and I immediately felt when I saw this tape, and obviously there was a worldwide search going on for this role, for someone 10 to 12 years old, physically skilled, Hispanic, bilingual, physically capable, tremendous actress, and all of these things combined. Obviously, this cuts down on the number of people you’re going to get responding, but from Dafne’s tape, I knew this was the kid. It was that kind of clarifying moment. You just know the answer.



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