Nieuws: KEMS – Vision Quest

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 16 maart 2017 om 11:51 uur

Spuitbussen producent Ironlak heeft wederom een nieuwe video online gezet en daar in zien we hoe de writer KEMS zijn ding doet bij een verlaten trein depot die zo te zien midden in de woestijn ligt. Dus ram op play en enjoy deze prachtige video.

Vision Quest is the first instalment of an ongoing collaborative video series by American graffiti writer KEMS (@allchrome) and Los Angeles based photographer Kingston (@kingstonphoto). The series documents the search and activation of wasted spaces.

In the search for abandoned spots to explore and paint, KEMS discovered abandoned lines of trains out in the desert. Loading up with a stack of Lak Chrome spray paint and a large a-frame ladder, he trekked through the arid landscape to find a discontinued double-decker passenger train – potentially from the 60s or 70s. While the dates are uncertain, in tracing the history of the cars, they were used to convey people from Mexico to San Diego – at one point, this model was used in Chicago.

These adventures brought back the sense of discovery that graffiti originally gave him. In reflection, KEMS says that it seems people were at these locations one day and gone the next. Leaving him to question – “why did people abandon this place?”

Photos from these lurks will be featured in an upcoming zine and accompanied by a special edition Reload by Ironlak spray can. More details to be announced.



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