Nieuws: Alex Kurtzman over The Mummy en Fringe

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 14 juni 2017 om 01:31 uur

The Mummy die het begin is van DC's Dark Universe is een groot succes en doet het heel erg goed in de bioscopen wereldwijd. Nu had de website Collider een interview met Alex Kurtzman over deze productie en zijn werk aan de TV serie van Fringe. Maar daar voor moet je even het volledige artikel checken en daar uit kan je hier onder alvast een klein stukje lezen.

I’ve always been curious. How involved is Tom Cruise in the editing room?

: Very, I mean, he’s involved in every aspect of the film. Absolutely everything. The minute he signs on we go through very extensive prep together, and I show him my designs, and I show him how I’m planning on doing sequences, and Tom loves to push it. He really loves to push the boundaries of what you can do as a filmmaker, and he’s always looking for a way to do something he hasn’t done before. Which, for a guy like Tom, who’s made as many movies as he has, that’s pretty impressive. Because we are both so committed to doing as much as practically as we could do, that meant really planning in advance where we were going to do it. The plane crash was a nine-month prep just for the plane crash, because it was storyboard, to PreVis, to half of it on the stage, to half of it in a real plane. And then a whole process in post. So you’re going through a lot of very meticulous detail work, and that will pretty much apply to everything.

Tom is extraordinary at focusing on performance, and one of the things that I received as a gift of his, as every director who does who works with him, is that he will give you everything in takes. And so when you’re sitting in the editing room going, maybe we need to dial it a little more this way, or dial it a little more that way, he’s given you that take. He is so attuned to what he has done, and he has kind of an amazing memory for what everyone else has done in the sequence that he’s often, I remember there was one take where I said this, and I did it this way. Or I remember Annabelle did it that way, or Sofia did it this way. And so we kind of go through it together, and we would just watch the cut over and over again.



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