Nieuws: Pedro Pascal over Narcos seizoen 3

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 01 september 2017 om 01:35 uur

Vanaf vandaag zal Narcos seizoen 3 op Netflix te vinden zijn en zien we hoe na de dood van Pablo Escobar het Cali kartel probeert zijn macht te vergroten. Ter gelegenheid hier van had de website Collider een interview met de acteur Pedro Pascal over deze zeer populaire show en daar van kan je alvast hier onder een klein stukje lezen.

Back to Narcos: People love to watch shows about criminals. Why do you think that is?

: I think that like the show Game of Thrones, our fascination with power struggles is pretty unanimous. And that’s what Narcos is. We’re dealing with an industry of drugs and all of the forces fighting against it and positioning themselves in power against it or with it. And so they’re talking about billions of dollars, a multi billion-dollar industry, which invites all of the chaos and violence and obviously extravagant life styles that is so otherworldly to us average audience members. I think that there is just a general fascination with the story of power struggles that is obviously so dominant in this world, in this storytelling.

Netflix seems to be … they don’t really tell creators or anybody their numbers or the viewers. Are you as in the dark as the rest of the world?

: Oh yeah. Even more so I would say. It seems like information from the outside closes me in as much as being on the inside. I’ve no idea what the numbers are, or the algorithms, I do know that the more and more I travel into the world people are recognizing me more and more for Narcos and that’s all over the world and that gives me somewhat of an impression that people are watching I guess.



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