Nieuws: Robin Lord Taylor over zijn rol als The Pinguin

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 12 oktober 2017 om 16:34 uur

Hoewel het tweede seizoen van Gotham bijna het einde van de serie werd, kwam deze goed terug met seizoen drie en het nu lopende vier. Nu is één van de memorabele villains in de show The Pinguïn en deze wordt gespeeld door de acteur Robin Lord Taylor, die een interview had met de website Collider en daar van kan je hier onder alvast een klein stukje lezen.

Is there anything specific you’re doing with Oswald this season that feels like something new?

: Right now, we are four years from when we started the show, as are the characters we’re playing. So I’m basically building the performance and where the character is now off of all personal, previous experiences. Oswald was always a very ambitious, manipulative person, and obviously that’s never going to change. But there was always that seed of a sympathetic person in there. Had things gone much differently, there is a good person in there. But this city, Gotham City, it corrupts everybody. Oswald’s heart has been broken in every possible way. He’s now aware of his vulnerability, his vulnerability being that he does feel empathy for certain people. Now, going forward, he’s on the track of walling himself off, protecting himself from his feelings, because it’s been nothing but heartache and, essentially, torture his entire life.

So much of Season 3 was about the relationship between Oswald and Edward Nygma. Besides the fact he was frozen in a block of ice, how does that dynamic continue to grow?

: Oswald, he was extremely immature with how he approached his friend. Well, he killed him, so immature I guess is a way to describe it. Should they come back together in any sort of fashion, that romantic thing—again, this is part of the lessons Oswald has learned—he knows that leads to nothing but ruin. There is a war between the two of them because of that. Their relationship going forward is as enemies, as you’ll see. Their relationship moves to the forefront again.



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