Nieuws: Nintendo verkoopt twee miljoen SNES Classics in een maand

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 03 november 2017 om 15:16 uur

Dat retro gaming nog steeds alive is, bewijst de verkoopt van de SNES Classic of SNES Mini wel weer. Want deze mini console is volgens dit bericht maar liefst 2 miljoen keer verkocht en dat betekend dat er ook nog wel een N64 en GameCub Mini/Classic gaat komen.

The fact that two million Nintendo fans would scoop up a miniature replica console in its first month of life isn’t very shocking, but the fact that Nintendo was able to produce that many so quickly is. Last year’s NES Classic was incredibly difficult to come by and despite increased stock with the SNES iteration, it hasn’t been very easy to just walk in a store and buy one either. However, Nintendo promises more SNES Classics are coming.

Eurogamer is reporting that more than two million SNES Mini consoles have been sold so far, with more than 370,000 selling in Japan over the span of just half of a week. The SNES Classic, like the NES Classic before it, packs a bunch of old video games into a single, tiny box that just plugs right into any standard HD TV via an HDMI cord. Rather than having to deal with SNES game carts, every game is ready to go at the push of a single button. The box itself is also designed to look just like the SNES you remember, albeit quite a lot tinier.



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