Nieuws: Showrunner Steve Lightfoot over The Punisher

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 17 november 2017 om 20:42 uur

Veel Marvel fans zullen dit weekeinde het eerste seizoen van de Netflix serie The Punisher gaan binch watchen. Om deze show nog wat extra aandacht te geven is er vandaag dit interview met de Showrunner Steve Lightfoot verschenen en daar van kan je hier onder een klein stukje lezen.

Collider: When you saw Frank Castle go on his journey to becoming The Punisher in Season 2 of Daredevil, what was it that most spoke to you about him, as a character, and about Jon Bernthal’s performance as this character?

: I came in and met the guys about the show before Daredevil Season 2. I think Daredevil and Jessica Jones had aired, and I had really liked what Netflix and Marvel were doing with those. I thought they were gritty and smart, and just a really clever take on comic books on television. And then, once we started talking, they gave me a sneak peek at Daredevil Season 2. The thing that stood out for me was Jon’s performance. I just thought he embodied the character so well. The guys had written him fantastically. There was a lot of depth. The joy of television is the amount of time you have to unpack a character, and I thought Jon gave him such ferocity and physicality, on the one hand, and he was scary. and then gave such massive humanity. We he gave that graveside monologue, he broke my heart. I knew, if we could do that, then we could have a show. Jon was someone who, in his portrayal of it, would give us the ability to empathize with a guy who’s often doing things that we really probably don’t agree with.

In what ways did you want to pick up from where Daredevil left off with Frank Castle, and how did you decide where you wanted to go from there and what you wanted to dig deeper on or steer away from?

: They left me two things to pick up. One was that his commanding officer, when he finally realizes that’s who betrayed him, tells him, “Oh, your family wasn’t an accident. They died because of something you were doing in Kandahar.” And then, the other thing, right at the end, was that we saw him with this disc with “Micro” on it. So, I knew I needed to pick those two things up. The plot story built out from that. What I wanted to key into was that you have this guy who is dealing with grief, which is universal. Most of us haven’t been in the military, and we certainly haven’t done the things that Frank Castle has done, but we’ve probably all lost someone. A man with a young family, I thought about the idea of losing that in the way that he did, and I wanted to delve into his grief and, coming out of that, his sense of guilt, as he learns that, at least in part, it’s because of his own actions. That’s what I felt would allow us all to sympathize with him. Even if we can’t condone his actions, we can understand where they’re coming from, emotionally.



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