Nieuws: Edward James Olmos over Coco en de Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayas

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 27 november 2017 om 15:24 uur

Zoals je hier kan lezen heeft Disney Pixar's Coco dit weekeinde in de US alleen al $72 miljoen opgebracht. In de film doet niemand minder dan Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, Miami Vice, American Me) de stem van Chicharrón en zal hij te zien zijn in de Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayas. De website Collider had dit interview met hem en daar van kan je hier onder een stukje lezen.

Collider: How did you get involved with Coco?

They came to me and invited me to Pixar, where they literally wined and dined me at their studio, and then they told me about the story. They didn’t tell me everything about it and what the twists were, which I’m very grateful for. That way, I was caught just like everybody else. I remember sitting there in heaving sobs, thinking about my own grandmother, my own relatives and those that have gone already. Emotionally, it was just like, “Wow!” The whole idea was achieved and attained. My character, which I was very proud of playing, is in one scene, but people who see the movie understand the depths of what we’re talking about, in that moment. If no one thinks about you anymore or remembers you, you disappear and vanish. I hadn’t thought about my grandparents in awhile, but I started to think about the stories that I could tell about my life with them and what I remember. My father is gone and my mother is 91, and we already tell stories about her. It’s fun!

You were announced as doing the Mayans MC TV series with Kurt Sutter and FX, and then they decided to reshoot the pilot. Are you still doing that?

: Yeah. Talk about the dark side of the culture! It doesn’t get darker than Sutter and motorcycle gangs. Sons of Anarchy was just incredibly dark.

Is it challenging to sign on to something that you presumably believe in and see the potential of, shoot a pilot, and then have to go back and reshoot it?

: Yeah, I’ve never done that, and I’ve been doing this a long, long time. I’ve had shows that didn’t go forward, but to actually shoot the entire pilot over again, I’ve never done that. I’m sure it’s been done, but I hadn’t done it. It’s amazing that they decided to do that.



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