Nieuws: PUBG Xbox Game Preview patch #2 notes

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 23 december 2017 om 01:08 uur

Hoewel ik me behoorlijk belazerd voel met Players Unknown's Battlegrounds preview game, terwijl ik dacht een originele volledige game kocht, is het dankzij zijn gameplay onwijs leuk om te spelen. Gisteren kreeg deze zijn tweede update en wat dit veranderd heeft is te zien in de onderstaande patch notes.

Sincere thanks for your continued feedback, and as usual please direct your thoughts and issues to:

The team will continue to evaluate areas for improvement, whether its client and server optimizations or monitoring the current “Car Meta”. Our second patch is focused on quality of life fixes (weapon recoil for example) as well as trying to resolve some of the stability issues that have been brought to our attention.

We expect to release our next patch at the beginning of the year, but we will monitor player feedback carefully and will address critical items over the holiday break as needed.

Thanks again for your support.

This patch will be live at 1AM PST / 10AM CET / 6PM KST.
Please restart your Xbox after the patch goes live to get the update.


Continued performance optimizations


The tuning range for the general sensitivity option has been expanded
Weapon recoil reduced across the board (Xbox Only)
Team UI will now correctly display voice chat status
Additional Localization updates


A variety of crash fixes
Fixed an issue where casting bar UI remains onscreen when spectating a target who died while using an item from their inventory

See you in-game,

The PUBG Development and Community Team



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