Nieuws: Assassin's Creed: Origins - 1.2.1 Patch Notes

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 29 januari 2018 om 22:25 uur

Ik heb ondertussen bijna 100 uur op de teller van Assassin's Creed: Origins (recensie) staan en nog twee Achievements te unlocken waar van er één lijkt te glitchen, want ik heb alle locaties en troep verzameld en 126 quests gedaan die er voor vereist zijn. De andere is één toernooi met racen winnen en dan heb ik de originele 1000gs en kan ik door met de DLC. Morgen verschijnt er een nieuwe patch en wat deze gaat veranderen is te leven in het onderstaande persbericht.

Hey everyone,

This is to let you know that patch 1.2.1 will be deployed on all platforms tomorrow, January 30.

Patch Size:
Xbox One: 2.5GB
PS4: 2.5GB
Uplay PC: 3GB
Steam: 0.6GB

Patch Highlight:

Horde Mode: Following your feedback about the progression in the Horde mode, we decided to adjust the progression system. Players will now be able to progress further than wave 16.

The Hidden Ones

Improved Gamilat’s behaviour in the quest “The Setting Sun” when the playable character is being stealthy
Fixed unreactive soldiers sometimes appear in the quest “Sic Semper Tyrannis”
Fixed an issue with the “Good Things Come” papyrus losing its name after solving it
Fixed Hidden Ones Bureau icons that could move on the World Map when marking them

Main Game


Fixed an issue preventing an objective marker to be displayed during the quest “When Night Falls”
Fixed various issues where quest objectives would not properly update
Fixed an issue causing Mered’s character model to change during the quest “The Hyena”
Fixed an issue preventing the playable character to interact with Damastes during the quest “Egypt’s Medjay”
Fixed an issue preventing the vault door from opening during the quest ‘’The Final Weighing’’
Fixed an issue preventing the last cinematic of the second Present Day quest to trigger
Fixed an issue preventing the playable character to interact with the Animus in the Present Day


Scaled down the enemies level progression in Horde Mode, so players are able to progress post-wave 16
Fixed an issue with Khensa’s health bar and level staying visible in the Arena lobby after beating her


Improved various playable character animations
Fixed the caravan animals not following the playable character after being tamed
Fixed an issue preventing animals from being tamed when in deep water
Fixed an issue with Predator attacks not granting XP when it was completed using animal taming
Fixed an issue where the Unicamel could not be called by playable character
Fixed an issue preventing berserked enemies from attacking tamed animals
Fixed animals falling through world when using the Enhanced Predator Bow skill
Fixed an issue with NPCs trying to mount a chariot being driven by the playable character
Fixed an issue that allowed Herwennefer, the War Elephant, to regain health during combat
Fixed an issue with NPCs that could appear to swim on land
Fixed various stuck issues for the playable character and NPCs

User Interface

Added missing ‘Drop Object/Body’ action to the ‘Heavy Attack’ button on the alternate control scheme
Fixed an issue with the Quest Log that could appear in Photo Mode
Fixed Ubisoft Club items not appearing as OWNED when returning to the Store after acquiring them
Fixed an update issue in the Gear menu when using the Hide button
Fixed the label overflow on the Hide button in the Gear menu in some languages


Fixed various issues with flying boats
Fixed various NPC spawning issues
Fixed various spots where player could go through collisions

Graphics & Audio

Fixed various visual issues occurring in HDR


[PC] Added Save Results button on Benchmark Results page
Improve overall stability of the game application
[PC] Fixed an issue when the game remains in the background processes of Task Manager after closing it using Alt+F4



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