Nieuws: Bruce Campbell over Ash vs Evil Dead Seizoen 4

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 13 maart 2018 om 21:20 uur

Het derde seizoen van Ash vs Evil Dead (hier in Nederland wekelijks op Netflix te vinden) is weer helemaal fookin mental. Daarom had de website Collider een interview met Ash zelf, aka Bruce Campbell. Zoals altijd is hij zeer grappig en praat hij ook over de mogelijkheid van een vierde seizoen en hoe het anders verloopt als dit er niet mocht komen. Dus reden genoeg om het even te lezen.

If that’s the case, are you concerned about a fourth season?

CAMPBELL: Our job is to not betray the viewers because we never know when we’re gonna get canceled. Corporate wheels turn as they turn. I’ve been on shows that got canceled in the off-season and I’ve felt really screwed by that. Now being a part of the filmmaking team, we told ourselves, right from the start, that if this ends, it has to make sense. Even if we get seven seasons, at the end of Season 3, if it ends and we don’t come back, for whatever reason, viewers will be totally good. We’ve got them covered. They’ll be able to okay, “Okay! Yeah! Fuckin’ A!” That’s the goal. And then, if they want more, we would just use that as a springboard for more. It’s a creative and a corporate dance that happens with everybody. I’ve been caught in the middle before, and I don’t like it. It’s not good for the fans. They feel betrayed, and then they’ll have a sour taste for that show. My son won’t recommend Dexter anymore to anyone because of how he feels they screwed up the ending so bad. We’re very sensitive to that, especially with Evil Dead fans. You can screw it up in one season and flush it all down the toilet. I think every season that we do, we’ll end with a closed loop because if that’s it, that’s it. We want you to sit down in your living room and go, “Okay, cool! That’s the end of it.”

Your Season 3 poster advertises a big monster. What can you tease about how that will play out?

: Yeah, it’s Cloverfield, at the end! It’s the ultimate. It’s the reckoning. This is it. It’s been foretold and Ash is being tested. The slogan of the season is, “Test the metal of the man.” This is the test, and he’s gonna have to endure it.



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