Nieuws: Toby Stephens over zijn rol in Lost in Space

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 19 april 2018 om 16:08 uur

Lost in Space is net uit op Netflix en niet heel erg goed ontvangen ondanks dat het zeker niet verkeerd is. In de hoofdrollen zien we onder anderen Toby Stephens als John Robinson en deze kennen we uiteraard allemaal nog als Captain Flint. De website Collider had nu een interview met en daar van kan je hier onder een klein stukje lezen.

Collider: When Lost in Space came your way, what were the biggest questions you had about doing it and what really sold you on it?

: They sent me the script and I was dubious, at first. I said, “Lost in Space? They're reviving that?! They tried to do that with the film, and it didn't work.” And then, I read the script and I actually liked it. The thing I liked most was that they were pitching it at such a great level. It was sophisticated enough for adults to watch and really get something out of it, and yet it had this fantastic adventure quality. What I really liked about it is that the kids are intelligent and it's aspirational. If I were a kid watching this, I'd be like, “I want to be that bright and that capable.” And it doesn't get ridiculous. They pitched it at the right level. And I felt that Maureen and John were real people. I like the way that they were written and I liked the fact that it was a relationship in trouble. They're trying to figure out how to get along and how to deal with not only this extreme situation that they're in, with extreme jeopardy and the terror of that, but also figuring out how to work things out between themselves. That's what sold me on it. They seemed to be a family that people can relate to because it's not some apple pie family that just doesn't exist. They're fallible human beings, who are trying to be better.



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