Nieuws: Mina Sundwall en Max Jenkins over hun rol in Lost in Space

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 14 mei 2018 om 15:55 uur

De Netflix exclusive serie Lost in Space is niet heel erg sterk, maar ook niet slecht te noemen, want het kijkt gewoon lekker weg. Hoewel de Science-fiction serie alweer een aantal weken uit is, heeft de website Collider nu een interview met Mina Sundwall en Max Jenkins gehad over hun rollen. Dus reden genoeg om het even te checken.

Collider: How exciting has it been for you guys, as younger actors, to get to play such complex, complicated characters?

: It’s so exciting!

MAX JENKINS: It’s been incredibly fun! I had never done this much green screen before, so getting to do that was incredible. It was a huge learning process. Getting to play Will Robinson not only was fun, but it taught me a lot. Will’s incredibly smart. He suffers from anxiety, but he sees the best in people, like the robot and Dr. Smith. Because he saw the best in Dr. Smith, that made her better and willing to save John. I definitely learned from Will Robinson.

SUNDWALL: It’s so much fun to be able to step into this. We have some very big shoes to fill, but to be able to step into the shoes of this show that was legendary, beforehand, and get to re-imagine these characters, but at the same time, have enough freedom to play around and make them our own, was so much fun, every single day. Getting to develop this character and grow with her was such an experience.

When you guys watched episodes of the original series, what did you think of it?

: Some of it is very, very out there, but I think it’s so sweet. I’ll never, ever forget the episode with the human-sized carrots. That was one of the first episodes that I watched because I went out of order, and I was a little nervous, at first. Each time the story has been told, whether it was the original Swiss Family Robinson or the original series or the movie or ours, it very much represents the time that it’s in.

JENKINS: I’m actually was a huge fan of the original series. I watched it and I was like, “This is so cool!” When my friends saw it, they were like, “Huh?” I honestly thought it was really cool. I grew up loving the original Star Trek series, and that’s pretty out there, too, so it wasn’t a huge leap for me to watch that. One of my favorite episodes is the space circus one. That one was really fun because I’m in a circus. Getting to watch that, I was like, “Cool!”



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