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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (recensie) mag dan alweer bijna drie jaar oud zijn, maar deze game is nog altijd heel erg populair en krijgt geregeld GRATIS!! ja GRATIS!! content. Binnenkort zal daar Para Bellum (wat Latijn is voor prepare for war) bij komen en deze DLC heeft een nieuwe map met de titel villa en kan je nu kennis maken met de nieuwe Operators en hun speeltjes.

Update: Gameplay video toegevoegd.

Operation Para Bellum introduces two new defending operators, Alibi and Maestro, alongside an all new map, Villa, set in the Italian countryside. Year Three Season Two also brings a breath of innovation, including a new intel gadget, operator speed adjustments, various other gameplay improvements, and the all new Pick & Ban setting. A feature that evolves the way players engage with multiplayer. Operation Par Bellum will be available in June 2018.

In Operation Para Bellum, two Italian G.I.S. Operators join Rainbow as the unit raids a luxurious Tuscan villa, Rainbow Six Siege’s 20th map. The land belongs to the Vinciguerra, a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling activities. The house is their retreat, where they lead a lavish lifestyle and collect rare art pieces. Players will catch Villa in a snapshot in time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. But they’ve got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.

New operator, Alibi, is an undercover infiltration specialists in the Italian Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.) unit. She is a cunning adversary with a gift for infiltrating dense networks of organized crime. Alibi is notable for her deployable Hologram, a mechanism that makes it difficult for enemies to positively identify her from her incredibly realistic projections.

New Operator, Maestro, is another member of the Italian, Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (G.I.S.) and participated in joint operations in Iraq, earning a facial scar from a roadside IED. Maestro is notable for his remote access turret, which is also bulletproof, capable of seeing through smoke, and able to fire low powered-laser beams.

Operation Para Bellum will also introduce the Pick & Ban system. This feature provides an extra layer of strategy between teams, as each side tries to counter their opponents’ picks during the banning phase. Players can even anticipate a thrilling twist at the last moment, when teams swap Operators for the unexpected 6th Pick.

Additionally game updates include:

Deloyable Bullet Proof Cameras
New Counter Defuser Animation
Dropshotting Adjustments
Weapon Sight Misalignment Adjustments
New Observation Tool Management
Operator Speed Adjustments
Echo Buff
Clubhouse Map Buff

The Test Server for Operation Para Bellum will go live on May 22. The Test Server is an alternative version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, allowing players to test upcoming gameplay features that will make their way into the main game itself. A consistent gameplay experience is not guaranteed on the Test Server. The Test Server is exclusive to Windows P



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