Nieuws: Thomas Jane over zijn rol in The Predator

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 27 juni 2018 om 17:39 uur

De naam Thomas Jane zal niet echt een belletje doen rinkelen bij veel mensen, maar dit is zo'n acteur dat als je hem ziet zegt van: Ohhh hij. Nu speel hij in The Predator, die vanaf 13 september in de Nederlandse bioscopen is te zien en in de US wat eerder. Daarom had de website Collider een interview met hem en een klein stukje daar van kan je nu hier onder lezen.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how you fit into the group here. Maybe that’s a good place to start. Can you talk about the dynamic?

: I don’t know. They’re all a bunch of fuckups, don’t ask me! We’re all part of Group 2, which is group therapy at the VA hospital. We’re all there in group and then it was probably Coyle [Keegan-Michael Key] or somebody who flipped out, turned over the coffee machine and caused a ruckus, then the M.P.s came and threw us on the bus, shackled us up and are taking us down to the big hospital where they’re going to lock you up for a few days.

That’s when Boyd gets thrown on the bus with us because he’s seen an alien and they want to cover that shit up. Am I giving away too much? So Boyd and these lunatics end up going on this adventure. We all know each other, except for Boyd, from this group. We’re all from different places, different units, different militaries. There’s Army guys and me and Coyle, who is played by Keegan, are both Marines. We’re the only two guys who were in the same unit together.

We were in the same unit together and there was a friendly fire incident where Coyle opens fire on his own dudes and killed all the guys. There was only one survivor and that one survivor is me. So me and him end up having to go to the inquiry and the military courts and all that shit that you do when an incident like that happens. Through that three-year period, we became friends. It’s a sort of love-hate relationship. “You killed all my guys.” He’s got all the guilt of that and he feels that maybe through this connection with the one survivor he can redeem himself somehow. I go from wanting to kill him in his sleep to realizing he’s the one guy who really understands me.

My character is sort of OCD to begin with, and after that incident it really flowered into full-blown Tourette’s. My character’s got full-blown, hardcore Coprolalia, which makes it interesting, especially on dates and stuff. I don’t get a lot of dates. We all know each other, we’re all vulnerable, we’ve all, at one point or another, cried in that little Group 2 room.



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