Nieuws: Vincent D'Onofrio over zijn rol als Kingpin in Daredevil seizoen 3

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 22 oktober 2018 om 17:18 uur

Vincent D'Onofrio is een briljante acteur wiens werk niet zo heel erg bekend is bij het grote publiek, maar sinds zijn rol als Kingping in de Netflix serire Daredevil is hij wat bekender geworden. De website Collider had een interview met hem en daar van kan je nu hier onder alvast een stukje lezen.

That's really cool. After seeing the downfall of Wilson Fisk in Season 1, we've been waiting to see his return and the rise of Kingpin. What did you most enjoy about the journey that you got to play out with him this season?

I think that the idea of the manipulation part of it with Jay Ali, who plays Agent Nadeem, colliding with the Poindexter stuff, and then eventually when Vanessa comes back into the picture, are my favorite bits. That's what sticks out, besides the whole Daredevil and Kingpin thing, and what Charlie [Cox] and I have going. He's just super great to work with and super talented, and he's very into doing things right, on the day, when we're shooting. He's very meticulous and he's a very good partner to have on set, just because his dedication is so immense and wonderful.

I love how this season finds a really interesting way to get Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk in a room to have conversations and interact with each other. How did you find getting to explore the relationship through those conversations, even though they're not real for Fisk?

: Yeah, they're in Daredevil's head. It was interesting. It was very stylistic and fun, in that way. Charlie had a lot to say in those meetings ‘cause it's his thoughts. We always made sure that the two of us were in sync with what he was thinking, so that it matched the performance. We tried to get as close as two individuals can. And there was some changes in the voice. That voice that I use for Fisk is very emotional. For those conversations, I controlled the cadence and sped it up a bit and made it more stabbing. It was still emotional, but quicker and more stabbing. It's different than when he speaks, in real life, on the show.



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