Nieuws: Sylvia Hooks over haar rol The Girl In The Spider's Web

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 17 november 2018 om 23:54 uur

Wat weinig mensen weten is dat de Nederlandse actrice Sylvia Hooks de hoofdrol speelt in The Girl In The Spider's Web en eerder in Blade Runner 2049 was te zien. Nu had de website Collider een interview met haar en daar van kan je nu hier onder alvast een klein stukje lezen.

Collider: You've been doing press now for a few days. Do you enjoy the process, or is it sort of like the price you pay when you're in a movie like this?

: It's what comes with the territory for me. My love is meeting the character and representing the character on set.

Talk a little bit about getting involved in the project. How familiar were you with the Dragon Tattoo?

: I was very familiar. To me, Lisbeth Salander always has been someone to look up to and to have the possibility to see myself as maybe becoming a stronger woman like her when I was younger, someone to look up to. And in a world of male heroes, finding a strong woman that doesn't have to be the girlfriend or the mother or sexy, but complex, with different sides to her, that for me was a revelation and something I held on to as a younger woman.



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