Nieuws: Melissa Benoist en David Harewood over het nieuwe seizoen van Supergirl

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De website Collider had met niemand minder dan Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) en David Harewood (J'onn J'onzz) een interview over het nieuwe seizoen van Supergirl. Die behoorlijk politiek getint is rond om de huidige emmigratie gebeurtenissen en de probelemen als racisme. Hier onder kan je een klein stukje uit het interview lezen.

How will Kara begin to deal with basically seeing this ugly side of humanity that has so much hatred for aliens, since she's a very empathetic character? Is it very hard for her to be in this almost hopeless situation?

: Well, I think she's sort of embodying what I think a lot of Americans feel right now and that helplessness and really a very hopeful and optimistic soul being tried. Her feelings of hope and positivity are waning and she has to really grasp exactly what she believes in to overcome it. And I think its fear more than anything. You could say Agent Liberty is our Big Bad of the season, but I think fear as an entity is more of our villain this season. So, I think we'll continue to explore stories like that throughout this season and how Kara will deal with it.

Collider: J'onn's character arc this season has essentially been a spiritual journey. That's a different thing for J'onn because he's always been a law and order guy. How do feel about this arc that has you butting heads with friends who still want to do it the law and order way?

: Mixed feelings about it, because he's the Martian Manhunter. He had 300 years of being a guy who's got a purpose, to right wrongs and to see justice done and I think I'm wrestling with it, and I think he's wrestling with the notion of how to do that. And so, the spiritual journey, I liked it. I loved working with Carl (Lumbly). That was great last season working with him. And I liked the fact that they've put this dilemma forward for him, but I'm not sure if it's his true nature, so I'm wrestling with it as much as the character. I think violence isn't always the answer. I also think that as a character on the first three or four episodes, I was kind of struggling to find a way into this new character and I found that quite difficult because the spiritual element to it just doesn't seem true to him. It's not a natural fit. I like the fact that he's finding other ways to solve problems, but I'm looking forward to J'onn punching people in the face again.



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