Nieuws: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II over zijn rol als Black Manta in Aquaman

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 21 december 2018 om 17:01 uur

Aquaman is inmiddels in de bioscopen te zien en doet het heel erg goed, en lijkt de beste DC film sinds Wonder Woman te zijn. In de film is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II te zien als Black Manta en daar over had hij een interview met de website Collider en daar van kan je hier onder een stukje lezen.

Collider: Without giving too much away, one of your first scenes involves you putting in a really emotional performance inside a sinking submarine. How do you balance the heavy acting side with the fact that you're basically in a rapidly-filling water tank?

: You curse in between the takes [laughs]. It's kind of true, you know what I mean? Because with stuff like that you just gotta' give into it. You say, “Look, I'm in this suit, my suit is wet, it's heavy, it's late, I'm hungry, I wish that this was a blue screen. But I got a job to do.” That's one side of it. But the other side of it is, “Man, I get to do this. I get to work with Michael Beach and Jason Momoa.” He won't rescue me and my father and it's sinking. That's the other thing, the water level is actually rising inside of that submarine. So you can just really use your imagination and lean into those given circumstances. Saying, “Look, if I don't pick this up he's going to die and we're gonna' drown.” Things really start happening fast.

The finished product of the Black Manta suit is so complex. What was the process like getting it made? Were there fittings, measurements, different designs?

: You know, I don't know. I was very fortunate to just be able to come in and get my body scanned and show up X amount of weeks or months later and say, “Oh, here's this suit that looks ready and perfectly designed for me.” But I know the guys at [Ironhead Studios] did an amazing job making it come to life. Also, I'm sure James went through several iterations. Because one of the challenges is, you can draw that on paper…it's hard to draw that on paper and make it look cool. But even if you do, then you say “how do I make this actual thing look cool but make it practical at the same time?” It's a difficult task. But they pulled it off.



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