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Capcom is al sinds jaar en dag één van mijn favoriete developer en uitgevers, want hun games zijn altijd erg uitdagend en moet je voor je Achievements en Trophies echt alles uit de kast halen. Anyway, ze staan op de beurs vloer in Los Angeles met de volgende games:

Dragon's Dogma (X360/PS3)

From the creators behind some of Capcom's best action games, including the critically acclaimed Resident Evil®4 and Devil May Cry®4, comes their next opus, Dragon's Dogma. Set in a vast open world, Dragon's Dogma is a unique action experience that blends exciting and fulfilling combat with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world. With a party of three Pawns, players set out on an epic adventure to track down and destroy a mysterious dragon. Along the way are encounters with some of the biggest and baddest beasts ever to roam the land, and only skillful play and tactical teamwork can save the day. At this year's E3, attendees will be able to experience two of the game's epic encounters as they battle the legendary Griffin and Chimera beasts.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (X360/PS3/PC)

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City delivers a third person team based shooter experience set in the sinister Resident Evil® universe. It's September 1998 and Umbrella has ordered an elite team of its security service soldiers (U.S.S) into Raccoon City to destroy all evidence of the organization's involvement in the horrific T-Virus outbreak. The E3 demo showcases the game's four player co-op campaign as the U.S.S. battle against the US Government Spec Ops, zombies and deadly Bio Organic Weapons on their mission to eliminate any survivors, including rookie cop Leon. S. Kennedy. For the first time in Resident Evil history, players will risk infection from the hordes of zombies scattering the streets of Raccoon City, causing their playing ability to be jeopardized and their character's behavior to change, ultimately turning them against their own team members.

Asura's Wrath (X360/PS3)

With unprecedented levels of dynamism, drama and interaction, Asura's Wrath will deliver a fresh take on the action gaming genre. Making its playable debut at the show, attendees will be able to experience the rage that fuels Asura and how the title blurs the traditional lines between gameplay and cinematics through seamless player controlled narrative. With a combination of range attacks and visceral close-quarters action, Asura will fill his “Burst Gauge” which depicts his ever growing level of rage. Once full, even the largest of enemies will witness Asura's rage as he unleashes frenzied, devastating and visually dramatic attacks.

Resident Evil Revelations (3DS)

Built from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations sees a return to survival horror, revealing a brand new storyline for the series. Taking place between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the action centers on BSAA member Jill Valentine and introduces her new partner Parker Luciani. Set principally on board a supposedly abandoned cruise ship, players will be able to take control of Jill on her search for Chris Redfield, whose last known GPS data positions him as being on the ship. Danger lurks around every corner and with nowhere to run or hide in the confined space of the ship, players must face a menacing new enemy that emerges from the darkness. E3 attendees will experience the horror that Resident Evil Revelations adds to the series through a playable demo at the show. In addition, an exclusive gameplay video being shown in the Capcom theatre features characters venturing underwater, for the first time ever in the series, in order to escape from the terrifying creatures that roam the ship. But will the water provide such sanctuary?

Street Fighter X Tekken (X360/PS3)

The long awaited dream match-up between the two leaders in the fighting genre becomes a reality. Street Fighter X Tekken delivers the ultimate tag team match up featuring iconic characters from each franchise, and one of the most robust character line-ups in fighting game history. With the addition of new gameplay mechanics, and having members of the original Super Street Fighter®IV team take key roles in its development, the acclaimed fighting engine from Street Fighter IV has been refined to suit the needs of both Street Fighter and TEKKEN players alike. E3 attendees have one of the first chances to get hands-on with an early version of the game. This latest demo features dozens of playable characters from both Street Fighte r and TEKKEN, including the newly revealed Cammy, Sagat, Julia and Hwoarang.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record (X360/PS3/PC)

Frank West is back in the game! Dead Rising 2: Off the Record sees the return of photojournalist Frank West as he takes center stage in this reimagining of the Fortune City outbreak. This new “Off the Record” storyline means an all new Dead Rising 2 experience. Frank will face off against more twisted enemies, build more outrageous combo weapons, follow his own unique mission structure and explore brand new areas of Fortune City to get his biggest scoop yet. Debuting the first playable at E3 2011, the demo features the all new “Uranus Zone,” Fortune City's very own theme park. Full of deadly rides and crazy attractions, the sci-fi themed Uranus Zone is a true zombie-killing paradise.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition (PSN/XBLA)

Bringing the new generation of World Warriors to new consoles and debuting its first playable at E3, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition takes one of the deepest, most sophisticated fighting games of all time online with an arcade perfect re-creation. Featuring the unique and memorable characters of the Street Fighter®III series, GGPO-enabled online allows players to use their technical moves - like the series-defining parry system - in a seamless, arcade-like environment. High-quality, HD-filtered graphics emphasize the smooth animation, a vault of unlockables allow for replayability, and an integrated leaderboard combined with an extensive and viral replay sharing system encourage players to bring their A-game.



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