Michael Crichton - jurassic park

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Michael Crichton - jurassic park

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Michael Crichton is de schrijver van o.a: jurassic park (waar van een goeie verfilming is neer gezet ) Maar zoals bij bijna alle boekverfilmingen is het boek toch beter

verschillen tussen de novel en de film

de verschillen tussen de novel en de film zijn best wel groot

In the book Gennaro is a young, muscular man and is a fairly likeable character. Also, in the book, he lives. Near the end of the book, after the main characters part company with Hammond, Gennaro becomes a sort of scapegoat and is blamed by Grant for the dangers they are facing. In the second book (The Lost World) it is mentioned that he died of dysentary on a business trip in between the timeline of the two stories. There is another character named Ed Regis who works on the island and goes on the tour with the others. In the film Gennaro is combined with many of Ed Regis' traits and is killed in a very similar way to Regis.

Muldoon is pretty much the same in both the book and the film, only he is described as being South-African and might have a drinking problem, whereas in the film he is British. In the book he is wounded but lives. In the film he dies.

Nedry is exactly the same, almost down to the last detail. He dies in the same way in both the film and the book, though the book is more graphic. Also, in the book he was planning to shut down the security system, deliver the embryos to some people on a boat, then return to the control room and reset everything to normal, but was killed before he could do any of that. In the film it is unclear whether he was deliberately sabotaging the park and was planning to escape on the boat, or if he was going to return to the control room.

Dr. Harding has a brief appearance in the movie as the veterinarian looking after the sick triceritops, but then leaves on the boat heading to the mainland. In the book, he stays on the Island throughout the whole ordeal. He is wounded by a raptor, but lives

Dr. Henry Wu has a much more significant role in the book than in the film. In the book he explains in great detail how the dinosaurs are cloned, etc. He too stays on the island throughout the ordeal and is killed by raptors near the end of the book. In the film he leaves on the boat for the mainland and lives.

In the film Ray Arnold is the lead computer engineer. In the book his name is John Arnold (it was changed most likely due to the fact that there was a character named John Hammond, and having two Johns in the film might be confusing.) His traits are very similar in both the book and the film. He dies in the same way in both the book and the film.

Ian Malcolm is described in the same way in both the book and the film, except in the book he is 'a balding man.' He is said to have a deplorably excessive personality. In the film he is witty and also provides the comic relief. In the book he is much more serious, philosophical and at times condescending. He and John Hammond absolutely loathe each other. He is injured the same way in both the book and the film, but in the book he succumbs to his wounds, slips into a coma and dies. However, he is brought back for the second book, The Lost World, saying that 'I only appeared dead, but the surgeons did excellent work to revive me.'

Alan Grant is very casual in the book. He wears tattered jeans, sneakers, and has a beard. In the film he is much more clean-cut, wearing collared shirts and khaki pants, and is clean-shaven. Also, in the book he likes kids, whereas in the film he hates kids, at least initially. Near the end of the book, having survived the trek through the jungle, he becomes hostile towards Gennaro in Hammond's absence and blames him for the circumstances they and the rest of the survivors are facing.

In the book, Tim is eleven years old and the eldest of the children while he is two years younger in the film. Lex is only seven and doesn't provide much to the plot in the book whereas, in the film, she is twelve years old and plays an equal role to her screen brother. Tim is the one who is good with computers and helps activate the park security systems in the book while also aware he has to protect his sister.

John Hammond is very different in the book. He is arrogant, deceptive, disrespectful and rude, and described as almost dwarf-like in his appearance. He recognizes the consequences of his experiments but disregards them in the name of profit. In the film he is still eccentric but he is very friendly, honest and generous, and does not appear to fully grasp the reality of what he's done until the end of the film; at one point in the movie he criticizes Gennaro's idea of the park as a playground for the rich, which is essentially what the Hammond in the book is trying to create. In the book he refuses to leave the island with Grant and instead ventures off into the park by himself, where he injures himself falling down a cliff and is summarily eaten by chicken-like dinosaurs called Procompsugnothids. In the film he lives.

Ellie Sattler is described as being 23, tanned, and is noticed more by the male characters. In the film she is dating Grant and is rather reserved. In the book she is Grant's student and is engaged to someone else.

Lewis Dodgson gets a bit more mention in the book and it's sequel The Lost World. His role in both the book and the film are pretty much the same, he meets Nedry and pays him off, then isn't seen again. But a bit more background on his character is given in the book. In the second book, The Lost World he is the main antagonist and is killed at the end. In the films he pays off Nedry and is never seen again.
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