Da Vinci's Demons (a Starz Original Series)

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Da Vinci's Demons (a Starz Original Series)

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Da Vinci's Demons
Da Vinci's Demons is a Starz Original Series about the early life of Leonardo Da Vinci that is currently in production. An 8 episode first season is scheduled to premiere on the FX UK and Starz networks in 2013. The series is being written, produced, and partially directed by David S. Goyer (who is best known as a writer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy), and has been described as historical fantasy that explores the untold story of da Vinci's life at the age of 25. The series mythology is also rumored to involve the mystery cult known as the Sons of Mithras. Goyer said, "this will be a show about secret histories, genius, madness and all things profane."
"In a world where thought and faith are controlled, one man fights to set knowledge free.
The secret history of Leonardo Da Vinci's tantalizing life reveals a portrait of a young man tortured by a gift of superhuman genius. He is a heretic intent on exposing the lies of religion. An insurgent seeking to subvert an elitist society. A bastard son who yearns for legitimacy with his father.

He finds himself in the midst of a storm that has been brewing for centuries. A conflict between truth and lies, religion and reason, past and future. His aspirations are used against him by the opposing forces of the time—luring him into a game of seduction where those who despise his intellect need him most.

Leonardo must take up the fight against foes who use history to suppress the truth. A hero armed only with genius, Da Vinci stands alone against the darkness within, and the darkness without.

Facing an uncertain future, his quest for knowledge nearly becomes his undoing as he explores the fringes of his own sanity. Da Vinci throws himself into his genius and emerges as an unstoppable force that lifts an entire era out of darkness and propels it into light.

His story becomes a mirror into our own world, calling us all to join his fight to Free the Future."
Tom Riley as a young Leonardo da Vinci
Laura Haddock as Lucrezia Donati, the mistress of Lorenzo Medici and lover of Leonardo da Vinci
Elliot Cowan as Lorenzo Medici
Lara Pulver as the "seductive and politically-minded" Clarice Orsini, Lorenzo Medici's wife.
Tom Bateman as Giuliano Medici
Hera Hilmar as Vanessa
Ross O'Hennessy as Commander Quattrone, leader of the Florentine Militia
Allan Corduner as Verrochio, Leonardo's mentor.
Andrew Brooke as Grunwald
Eros Vlahos as Nico Machiavelli
Gregg Chillin as Zoroaster
Paul Westwood as Niccolo Ardinghelli
James Faulkner as Pope Sixtus IV
Gareth Milton as a servant in the House of Medici
Blake Ritson as Girolamo Riario
Geoffrey Newland as Officer Capaldi
Sharon Morgan as Sister Albina
Jan Erik Madsen as Zircher
Elliot Levey as Francesco Pazzi
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519) is an Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer, and the subject of the Starz Original Series Da Vinci's Demons.
Lucrezia Donati
Lucrezia Donati is a Florentine noblewoman and the mistress of Lorenzo Medici and also the lover of Leonardo da Vinci in Da Vinci's Demons.
Clarice Orsini
Clarice Orsini is a seductive and politically-minded woman.and the wife of Lorenzo Medici in Da Vinci's Demons
Lorenzo de' Medici
Lorenzo de' Medici was an Italian statesman, the ruler of the Florentine Republic during the Italian Renaissance, and one of the most influential patron of the arts in world history. In Da Vinci's Demons
Giuliano Medici
Giuliano Medici is Lorenzo’s younger brother—who enjoys the spoils of his position while letting his older brother shoulder the burdens of leadership. While others may marvel at Da Vinci’s charisma, Giuliano is not so easily swayed
Nico, a carefree teenager and devoted apprentice to his maestro, Leonardo da Vinci.
Lord Girolamo Riario
Lord Girolamo Riario—the Captain-general of the Holy Roman Church and nephew of Pope Sixtus IV—is out to destroy anyone against the Church...and the Medicis and da Vinci are at the top of his list.
Pope Sixtus IV
Meet Pope Sixtus IV, who is focused on rebuilding the Vatican, Rome and the Church itself. To this end, he sees Leonardo da Vinci initially as a threat, and later as a prize sent from Heaven to be brought under Rome’s yoke.
Meet Zoroaster—a thief, hustler, grave robber and jack of all underhanded trades, he willingly aids Leonardo da Vinci in his wildest schemes.

Mij lijkt dit een hele goeie serie te worden.

En bereid je als vast maar voor want er zal net zoals bij Spartacus waarschijnlijk veel bloed vloeien en veel sex in voor komen het is en blijft namelijk een a Starz Original. :mrgreen:
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Re: Da Vinci's Demons (a Starz Original Series)

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Staat al op me to watch lijst voor een tijdje :)

Tnx voor de post.
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