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The Totally Rad Show!

Geplaatst: di 16 feb 2010, 18:46
door Georgiios
The Totally Rad Show is a weekly video podcast produced by Team Awesome, LLC and distributed by Revision3. It consists primarily of reviews and reminiscences of pop-culture phenomena such as movies, video games, television programs, and comic books. The show debuted on March 27, 2007, and is hosted by Alex Albrecht, Jeff Cannata, and Dan Trachtenberg. Episodes #1-103 were filmed and edited (#105 was filmed but not edited) by Steve Koncelik. As of episode #104, Steve has departed the show, and Mike Gaines is now in charge of filming and editing. In 2008, the show was honored with a People's Voice Webby Award[1] and the "Best Produced" Podcast Award.[2]
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