Spider-Man tagt Los Angeles

RDJ134 20 februari 2012 om 00:10 uur

Om The Amazing Spider-Man film te promoten trekt er nu een ingehuurde groep graffiti writers en reclame lui door Amerika heen om overal het Spider-Man logo achter te laten. Nu kan je op deze website een shitload aan informatie en foto's vinden van hoe ze het gedaan hebben, en het onderstaande filmpje waar in je de spuiters (die schijnbaar nog nooit van een fatcap hebben gehoord) aan het werk ziet.

We've left our mark in the name of Spider-Man. Permanently this time! Last night I was called on the phone I picked up in the Mark of the Spider-Man viral to meet up in downtown Los Angeles to participate in an incognito event around the city involving tagging the Mark of the Spidey on walls around Hollywood. It was awesome. And you can still see our work. This isn't the only city either, as groups have hit Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, and also coming up tonight, New York and Phoenix, too. Our group of 10 and the Mark crew took stencils and rode in a van around the city last night spreading the word of Spidey. Here's what went down.

Note: Before anyone says anything, this was a completely legal, virally-coordinated event involving Sony / Columbia Pictures in the background. All of the locations were marked and chosen and this was designed to be an "in-fiction" event for Spidey fans like us to experience. It is not meant to encourage illegal activity or vandalism and we did not just ride around choosing random walls to tag. That said, it was an awesome idea and if you know the locations, you can now find these Spider-Man symbols hidden all around the country.

So here's what happened. The five people who picked up phones/hoodies in the first viral drop earlier this week were called and told to show up at 8:30 at a location downtown in Los Angeles, with an extra person. That means 10 of us in total showed up to the spot last night, which was located right under a gigantic Spider-Man logo tagged on a building in the background (see the photo) which was the perfect tease for what was to come. After being briefed by the Mark guys about our plans to start spreading our support of Spider-Man, we gathered up in a black van and drove around up into Hollywood to three different locations.