Nieuws: Zeven sci-fi karakters met dubieus moraal

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 24 juli 2012 om 17:26 uur

In veel science fiction series maken we kennis met figuren die een nogal erg dubieus moraal hebben, want deze zijn niet goed of slecht, maar een mix van beiden. Daarom heeft de website Topless Robot deze lijst gemaakt, waar opvallend genoeg Star Trek: The Next Generation twee keer op voor komt.

3) Q, Star Trek: The Next Generation

If you look at the matter from his perspective, then you can kinda forgive Q (John de Lancie) for his basic amorality. I mean, the dude is, for all intents and purposes, a god. He's immortal, omnipotent, and nearly omniscient. Of what use are such petty mortal constructs as "good" or "evil" to such a being? Of course, Q isn't content to simply stay out of mortal affairs, and has no problem violating what could be termed the "ethical" standards of his own species, as well as humanity's. His meddlings sometimes appear to be purely recreational, other times he takes it upon himself to test certain mortals (mortals aboard a certain Federation starship being his favorite subjects). Not that he's incapable of benevolent, even noble gestures; when the rest of the Q punished him by making him mortal, he tried to sacrifice himself to the Calamarain, ionized gas beings that were going to destroy the Enterprise to get to him. He did the Federation a favor (in a sense) by introducing them to the Borg -- sure, they barely survived the Borg's attempted invasion, but at least they had some warning.

And he helped Picard realize that the reckless, even stupid decisions he made as a youth helped make him the leader he eventually became. But don't be fooled: Q did these things because it suited him at the time, and it helped alleviate the crushing boredom of immortality and omnipotence -- not because of any kind of moral obligation.



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