John C. Reilly over zijn voice acting in Wreck-It-Ralph

RDJ134 1 november 2012 om 20:47 uur

Gisteren had ik het voorrecht om op het Disney HQ een pers screening van Wreck-It-Ralph te mogen zien, en ik kan je nu al vertellen dat deze game echt fookin awsome is. Er komen zoveel verwijzingen en game karakters voorbij, en is een heerlijke feel good film voor gamers en jong en oud. De stem van Ralph word de Engels talige versie ingesproken door John C. Reilly die al jaren één van mijn favoriete acteurs is. De website had dit interview met hem, en daar in komt naar voren dat hij een oldskool arcade gamer is.

Q: Were you a fan of any of these games when you were younger?

JCR: Yeah. I was the test generation for all this stuff: you can blame me and my generation for the popularity of video games. I went from pinball machines to Space Invaders. I remember the day that that machine suddenly appeared in the bowling alley where I used to hang out in Chicago, and it was like, "Oh my God!" It was such a quantum leap from what we'd had for entertainment up to then. There weren't even computers then. People forget that: no cell phones, no computers... it was crazy to suddenly be able to manipulate what was on the TV. Just the idea that you could move a button that would move something on the screen was radical. And it cost me a lot of money. A lot of quarters. For some reason, I seemed to get worse the more I played. I would be really good at first - my instincts would be great - and then the more I thought about it, the worse I got.