Nieuws: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer gaat Free-To-Play

Geschreven door Gtamen op 26 februari 2013 om 21:09 uur

Uncharted 3 heeft niet alleen een hele toffe single player, maar ook een hele vermakelijke multiplayer die je heel lang bezig kan houden. Nu heeft Naughty Dog net als Guerrilla Games de move gemaakt om hun game Free-To-Play te maken. Je speelt tot level 15 en daarna kan je kiezen om level 15 te blijven of dingen te kopen om verder te levelen. Alle details kan je hier onder nog eens rustig nalezen.

After a few months of dropping hints our secret is ready to be made public. We are fortunate to have some of the most devoted and amazing fans in gaming. We want to introduce those fans and the world of UNCHARTED multiplayer to everyone possible. And we want every person who plays our multiplayer game to engage with it how they best see fit. It's time to go big and grow our community even more.
So, we're thrilled to announce that tomorrow UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer goes free-to-play!

To date, over 3.5 million people have played in over 37 million matches of UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer. All free-to-play players will become a part of this same player pool of over a half a million passionate players actively playing our game every month. So if you haven't tried yet, you have no excuse to not be playing one of the most exciting multiplayer experiences on the PS3— it's free! Join the adventure today!
Once you download the free-to-play game from the PS Store you can hop online and play for as long as you want, as much as you want, up to Level 15. Upon reaching level 15, you're welcome to continue to play as long as you want without paying a penny. Unlocking the level cap will allow you to continue building up your profile right from where the level 15 cap stops you. If you choose to not unlock the level cap or purchase anything, you'll be missing out on a slew of cool in-game items and downloadable content we have made for the game to date. Here's a rundown of what you can unlock:

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Co-op Adventure Add On
- Unlock Co-Op Adventure mode including the Fort Adventure DLC

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Co-op Arena Add On
- Unlock to gain access to the Co-Op Arena Playlist including the Co-Op Shade Survival Mode DLC for UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Free to Play.

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Competitive MP- No Level Limit
- Remove the level cap for UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Free to Play.

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Competitive MP - Level 25 Limit
- Remove the Level 15 cap and play UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Free to Play up to Level 25

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer Split Screen Add On
- Unlock Co-Op Adventure mode including the Fort Adventure DLC

UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer DLC Map Packs
- Unlock all three DLC map packs released for UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception. Includes Flashback Map Pack 1, Flashback Map Pack 2, and Drake's Deception Map Pack.

UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception Single Player Experience
- Uncover the Truth. Unlock the Single Player campaign.

If you're really enjoying the free-to-play multiplayer and are looking for the full UNCHARTED 3 experience, the best deal is to pick up the UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception Game of the Year Edition coming soon to the in-game store.
This digital version of the UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception Game of the Year Edition includes all 12 DLC maps, all co-op multiplayer modes, and over 40 character skins. Purchase the digital version and you will essentially be getting the single player game free! Stay tuned for an update on this soon.
If you already own UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception and you are a long time multiplayer participant we're giving you some very special gifts as a way of saying thank you. Next time you log-in online you'll see a custom Naughty Dog Paw on your rank icon and you'll receive the Naughty Dog Paw shirt for your custom characters.
Also, to celebrate the launch of UNCHARTED 3 multiplayer free-to-play we're getting more colourful. Every character item and every character skin in multiplayer will now have more colour options. These new colour options are completely free.
During the coming months over 40 additional DLC items will be made available. Every DLC drop will have a theme and we'll be unveiling that content here on PlayStation Blog, over on the Naughty Dog Blog, and on our free-to-play webpage.
Patch 1.17 was released recently. It includes some big changes you can read about over on the Naughty Dog Blog. For instance, we've added another tier to our Tournament. It's the Platinum level and we have some very cool permanent Platinum level prizes for people who achieve this prestigious level.
We can't wait to welcome all the new players into our community. Happy fortune hunting! See you online!



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