Shock Interview: Richard Raaphorst over Frankenstein's Army

RDJ134 11 september 2013 om 01:52 uur

Frankenstein's Army is een heerlijke fout B-movie found footage film, die zich afspeelt tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog en een groep soldaten tegen vreemde bloeddorstige Nazi monsters aanlopen. Die door niemand minder dan een nazaat van Dr.Frankenstein zijn gemaakt. Leuk detail is dat deze horror film door Nederlanders is gemaakt en Richard Raaphorst werd door de website Shock Till You Drop geïnterviewd over zijn werk en daar van kan je hier onder een klein stukje lezen.

Shock: The creature work in this film is amazing, what was the key to the success of pulling these off? Is there a particular creation that you're fond of and why?

First of all, I don't believe in keys because I lose them all the time! I think the originality of the creatures is what really appeals to the audience. I made a choice to stay true to myself, which is important in filmmaking and any other discipline. I can only speak for myself, but I am very bored seeing the same stuff over and over again. It is unbelievable how many of the same kind of formula productions are flooding the market. Originality and personality should be "the keys," I guess. That, and being very lucky that the audience picks it up. I really like the Propellerhead zombot. When I created the zombots, they evolved slowly and one at a time. I started with the Burned Match Man, and drew several versions of him. Then, I drew new kinds of zombots, and they grew more and more extreme. When I got to propeller head, I knew I was getting into the crazy zone! Because of that, he's one of my favorites.