Nieuws: DJ Hero 2: Developer Interview met DJ Qbert

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 19 augustus 2010 om 20:28 uur

De website Worthplaying had een developers interview met de legendarische DJ Qbert, en deze verteld ons alles over zijn rol in DJ Hero. En praat hij nog over de liefde voor vinyl en turntablism.

WP: For people who have no idea what a DJ does, what's involved in mixing?

DQ: OK, well there are different types of DJs. There's a radio DJ. Then you've got a DJ who plays music at clubs to make people dance, which is more of a mixing DJ. Then you've got battling DJs, who do tricks on the turntables and scratch. That's kind of what I do. Of course, there's also playing it like a musical instrument, which is what I really love to do. Just kind of scratching the record back and forth and making all these weird sounds, different rhythms and different pitches and notes. Straight up like a musical instrument. That's pretty much what I do. I guess you'd call me a scratch DJ turntablist. That's the category I'd fall under.

WP: Are you a big believer in vinyl? You don't mess with the CD DJs?

DQ: Well, for this project, they had me scratch on digital so that they could get all my movements down in the computer. Personally, in my real work, I love vinyl because it's the most accurate as far as scratching is concerned.

WP: In these DJ battles, you're competing against another person. Do you pick the music in advance? Are you just listening to what your opponent throws down and try to counter that?

DQ: Well, there are different ways of battling. Let's say, for instance, the DMC World competition. Every DJ has six minutes to showcase their stuff. You can play whatever you want, and you're judged by your creativity and personality.

Then there's another type of battle, which is the head-to-head competition, where you would get a minute, the next guy would get one minute, it goes back to you for a minute and then the other guy for a minute. You're definitely trying to counteract what he's doing or how he looks. Maybe he's like kind of pointy-looky, so you'll have a record, toss it on, point and look at the audience, and they go bananas.



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