Nieuws: DJ Hero 2: Developer Interview

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 27 augustus 2010 om 19:03 uur

DJ Hero 2 komt er kei en keihard aan, en daarom draait de PR machine nu op volle touren. Zo had de website Worthplaying een developer interview met Doug Grutzmacher, en deze vertelde ons onder andere meer over de multuplayer mode:

WP: Can you go a little more in-depth about the different multiplayer modes?

DG: Absolutely. We have Stars Battle [Head to Head], which is basically where you face off and go head-to-head.

We have Streak mode, which is going to score you on the highest note streak. You can actually use the Euphoria button to bank, or record, a note streak. If you've got a high note streak, if you don't bank it, it doesn't count. There's a little bit of strategy there, and the person with the highest note streak at the end of the mix wins.

Accumulator is the same philosophy. It's going to score you on note streak, but instead of the highest note streak, it's going to allow you to record three note streaks and add them together. Same kind of philosophy with a little bit different implementation.

Checkpoint mode. I like to say that it's kind of like playing match play in golf. It breaks up the mix into different checkpoints and score you on those individual checkpoints. You have to kind of pace yourself and maintain that high score and that quality gameplay throughout the mix. You can't just play well in the beginning and expect to win.

There's DJ Battle, which I've mentioned. The DJ Battle is actually scored via a checkpoint system, so it's going to break up the mix into checkpoints and score you on those individual checkpoints. Even though the mix is going back and forth, it's balanced such that the input for player one sort of matches the input for player two.

We also have Party Play mode, which you saw in Guitar Hero 5 for the first time. It's kind of our co-op mode. Very casual, very accessible. People can just jump in and jump out. You can just watch. Prior to going into this mode, you can boot this up from the main menu. The game is going to start everything except the highways. If you want to jump in and out, do that. The highways will appear. One highway, two highways, a microphone — whatever you want to do.



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