Nieuws: Evolve open beta voor de Xbox One heeft een datum *update 14:51*

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Evolve gaat of de grootste en meest coole titel van 2015 worden, of deze gaat genadeloos op zijn snuit omdat deze te overhyped is. Maar voor dat deze game in de winkel ligt, kunnen de Xbox One bezitters op 17 januari beginnen met de open beta. Maar daar meer over in het onderstaande persbericht.

Update: nieuwe video's toegevoegd.

Mark your calendars. Load your guns. Clean your claws. Fire up your Xbox One! Starting January 15th, we begin the next Hunt - the Evolve Xbox One Open Beta! And to sweeten the deal, starting January 17th, you get exclusive access to Evacuation, Evolve's dynamic campaign (we'll get to that in a minute).

We're excited to show you how Evolve is, well, evolving as we get closer to finishing the game. Once again, we want your help to continue testing and refining the Evolve.

Here's the rest of what you're dying to know:

What content will I be able to play?

During the Xbox One Open Beta, fans can play Evolve's “Hunt” game mode with access to the first two monsters (Goliath and Kraken) and first eight hunters (Markov, Maggie, Val, Hank, Hyde, Griffin, Lazarus, and Bucket) across all 12 maps that support “Hunt” and are included at the time of launch. That is eight more maps than people played during the Big Alpha!

Starting on January 17th players can get their hands on “Evacuation” for the first time! “Evacuation” is Evolve's dynamic campaign that combines the full array of maps and modes in a unique experience that is different every time you play. Additionally, any Hunter and Monster characters you unlock while playing the Xbox One Open Beta will carry over when the game launches!

The purpose of the Xbox One Open Beta is to continue stress-testing the multiplayer servers, so offline play is not supported. That said, you will be able to play the entire game as an offline, solo experience when Evolve ships on February 10th.

Firstly, thanks to the players who helped test Evolve during the Big Alpha in October, players in January should experience faster matchmaking, improved balance, and more.

Xbox One: It's an Open Beta for Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live Gold account! We're asking as many of you as possible to join us. Just boot up your Xbox One and download the Open Beta! From January

15th-19th, Xbox One Open Beta players can play “Hunt” with the first two Monsters and first eight Hunters. Starting on January 17th, Xbox One Open Beta players can also play “Evacuation,” Evolve's dynamic campaign. And remember: all Monster and Hunter characters unlocked during the Xbox One Open Beta carry over when Evolve launches on February 10th!

PC Players: Starting January 16th, we'll be holding a smaller closed technical test on PC. If you were invited to the Big Alpha on PC, you will have access to these closed technical tests as well. And if you already own Left 4 Dead or BioShock Infinite in your Steam library you can participate in the closed technical test, which is limited in scope and will not include Evacuation or have Hunter and Monster unlocks carry over to Evolve's launch.

PS4 Players: Starting January 17th, we'll be holding a smaller closed technical test on PS4. Were you invited to the Big Alpha? If so, check your email, and you can participate in the closed technical test, which is limited in scope and will not include Evacuation or have Hunter and Monster unlocks carry over to Evolve's launch. You will need a PlayStation Plus membership to play.

* There are no in-game badges, skins or medals for anyone that participates in the tests.

* We'll be announcing the final system specs for PC soon!

* You CAN record anything you want from your experience. In fact, we WANT you to share it with us! If we like your clips, we could even share them with the world on our streams!

* We ALWAYS want to hear from you! Tell us what you're thinking about your experience playing Evolve on Facebook and Twitter (@EvolveGame). The team is constantly iterating and balancing the game, so your feedback is very valuable.



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