George Miller over de moeilijkste stunt in Mad Max: Fury Road

RDJ134 19 mei 2015 om 16:59 uur

Mad Mad: Fury Road schijnt (ik moet de film nog zien) een non-stop rollercoaster van actie en vette stunts te zijn. Nu zullen veel mensen roepen: Ja maar de gevaarlijkste dingen zijn allemaal CGI!! Fout, want alle auto stunts in de film zijn volgens George Miller echt. Zelfs één van de moeilijkste scènes in deze flick is echt en niet uit een computer getrokken. Dat en meer kan je lezen in dit interview.

The other big thing was the roll, the wreck at the end. I thought, I'm not going to put a human in there. We tried to do remote control. Well, first of all, we were going to do it CG - and it would be after the whole movie being real - so we can't do it CG. So then we tried to remote control it, but we couldn't get it fine enough, because it had to go through two massive rocks and right in front of our phantom high-speed camera. It had to hit the sweet spot. And [pyrotechnician] Leo [Henry] and the brilliant driver who kept us all safe, he said, "We'll do the shot." They worked on it and they worked on it - they rehearsed it with similar weight vehicles and stuff like that. I never thought we'd be able to do it, but he landed it just [Millers kisses his fingertips, meaning "excellent"] like this, in that sweet spot. There were things that I never thought we could do.