Enslaved: Odyssey to the West DLC is totaal anders dan je verwacht

RDJ134 29 september 2010 om 17:13 uur

De website Destrutoid had een interview met Tameem Antoniades van Ninja Theory, en deze vertelde dat de DLC voor Enslaved: Odyssey to the West een stand alone ding zal worden. Want de game zelf heeft een begin en einde (DUH!) en daarom is gekozen voor een totaal andere aanpak. Klinkt mij goed genoeg dus ik ben benieuwd hoe Ninja Theory dit gaat uitwerken.

I don't know how much you can talk about it. I know you've made mention to the DLC for the game. And it sounds like you already have something in the can or you're near completion on something that's not going to interfere with the story. I think I read somewhere that it's going to be a side-story involving Pigsy, is that correct?

I can't say for sure... [Laughs]

So when are you going to be ready to really talk about that? Do you know?

Not really. The DLC's a funny one, because we started just before we finished Enslaved, we put a small team on the DLC. From the beginning, the main game was meant to be a start, middle, and end -- a complete story -- and the DLC was meant to be an extra. So like from an internal point of view, the DLC is a new project. If it wasn't for DLC, those people wouldn't be working on that content. It's not something that would have gone on the disc.

Because when people read about DLC, they complain, don't they? They say "Well it was going to be there anyway, and now you're charging us for it." And it's totally not like that. It's like we've finished the game, we used up our time and budget and now we've got a little extra time and budget for something totally extra, which is totally optional.

I think actually, I've played through it start to finish just the other day and it's pretty meaty, it's not an extra few levels kind of thing. It's an entirely new experience.