Geen screenshots optie voor de backwards-compatible versie van Borderlands

RDJ134 7 september 2015 om 09:00 uur

Als het goed is krijgen de Xbox One bezitters in november backwards-compatible van de Xbox 360 games, en daar is dit weekeinde Borderlands voor de preview testers aan toegevoegd. Alleen konden deze geen screenshots of video opnames maken van hun gameplay. De reden hier voor is volgens Microsoft een licentie probleem met 2K. Wat uiteraard heel erg jammer is en waarschijnlijk een doorzettende trend.

The game became available on Xbox One to Preview Program members just yesterday, and players quickly reported that they were unable to take screenshots or record footage, leaving them to wonder if this was a bug.

It's not. In the Xbox forums, a Microsoft representative said, "This is expected. Unfortunately, recording/screenshots are turned off for Borderlands." Pressed for more details, the Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that this comes down to a "licensing" issue.

No further details were provided, and Microsoft made no mention of this in its original announcement yesterday. Other backwards-compatible games do support screenshots and gameplay capture through GameDVR. A Microsoft representative told GameSpot, "Support for Xbox One features on Xbox 360 titles in Backward Compatibility are in the hands of the publisher to enable."

We're reaching out to 2K Games in attempt to learn more.

Borderlands features the Cage the Elephant track "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" during its intro cinematic. But it's unclear if this has anything to do with the screenshot/capture ban.