Nieuws: Zes viral video game PR stunts die gigantisch faalde

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Als er een nieuwe video game uit komt, gaat deze altijd gepaard met een PR stunt die de aandacht naar het spel trekt. Maar zo nu en dan gaat dit vreselijk fout en faalt de stunt kei en keihard waarna het pijnlijk is om naar te kijken. De website heeft nu zes voorbeelden voor je opgedoken en één daar van kan je hier onder bekijken.

#4. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Starts A Fake War

It's hard to keep marketing ideas fresh for a game that releases a slightly different sequel every six minutes, but the Call of Duty series has managed to be one of the top-selling franchises thanks to an aggressive advertising campaign. Maybe too aggressive. Actually, now that we think about it, certainly too aggressive.

In September 2015, the Call of Duty Twitter page underwent a complete overhaul to remove all mentions of the video game and disguise itself as a legitimate news source called the "Current Events Aggregate." Are you confused? So were the people suddenly reading about devastating terror attacks in Singapore.

For four hours, they tweeted news and images from the city being attacked. Virtual lives were lost, virtual riot police were dispatched, and virtually all Twitter users agreed it wasn't very cute. The final tweet at 10:37 p.m. said "This was a glimpse into the future fiction of #BlackOps3" but it may as well have said "LOL JK. Shout out to all the real terror attacks and riots going on! #DoritosFlavorWar"

This edgy and extreme marketing was, naturally, met with accusations of distaste. Even the people who made the game, Treyarch, thought it was in terrible taste, and they disavowed it and apologized almost immediately. It was all so badly received, the Call of Duty Twitter page deleted the entire campaign. To make matters worse, even in this era of rampantly unchecked facts, everyone's first reaction was "this is irresponsible" not "this is real." When your PR campaign creates a fake terror attack that doesn't even trick FOX News, you've failed in two different ways.



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