Mark Wahlberg over zijn rol in Transformers: The Last Knight

RDJ134 8 december 2016 om 13:00 uur

Hoewel Transformers: The Last Knight pas op 22 juni 2017 in de bioscopen te zien zal zijn, heeft onderbroeken model, rapper en gelegenheids racist Mark Wahlberg al een interview gegeven over deze nieuwe film. Daar in zegt hij niet al te veel, maar wle dat het heel erg leuk is geweest. Ok......

Question: We just watched you and watched some of this shit blow up and I have to tell you I’ve never seen anything like this on a set visit. Is this like the typical day on Transformers?

: Yeah, it’s pretty common. For a lot of explosions and stuff like that you’re harnessed to something getting swung in the air or dragged onto something or thrown onto somethin

How does the experience in this one compare to the last one?

: A little more tiring, a little older, but fun. For Michael and I this is our third movie so we’re quite familiar with each other and know where to push each other and bring the best out of each other. But I’m definitely not as young as I used to be, that’s the biggest difference. So you need to have new people, young people that are super excited and super eager to get in there anytime we’re doing something dangerous action-wise. It’s pretty annoying but I get it, I understand the enthusiasm, I just give it a little time.