Incredibles 2 producer interview

RDJ134 3 juni 2018 om 00:54 uur

In 2004 verscheen de pixar film The Incredibles die het verhaal vertelde van een superhelden familie in een wereld waar superhelden niet meer echt welkom waren en dit incognito deden. Fans schreeuwde al jaren lang om een vervolg en deze gaat er op 27 juni dit jaar dan ook eindelijk komen onder de titel Incredibles 2. Ter promotie daar van had de website Coming Soon in interview met de producenten en daar van kan je hier onder alvast een stukje lezen. You guys talked about how you amped up the realism of everything, but you still had the core character designs from the first one that you carried over. What would you say was the biggest deviation from the look of the first one?

Ralph Eggleston
: The intentional single biggest deviation is the palette. Whereas the first film is a little more on the primary color side, like people's memory of a comic book, this one moves us forward to the early 60's. So the colors are brought down a bit. We go in-between the colors, it's a little more pastel. There's still color everywhere, but it's a broader palette in general.

Philip Metschan: There's some pretty huge technological leaps, whether it's hair simulation, cloth simulation, crowds of people. There's levels of detail we can put into the sets that wouldn't have fit into computers at the time. The effects are off-charts now. Wait until you see the whole movie, there's some incredible stuff.

CS: There's some INCREDIBLE stuff in there?

: It's all incredible TOO.

Eggleston/b]: There's one scene coming up that has almost every single effect in the movie crammed into one shot. It's CRAZY.

Metschan: Lightning technology has come so far in the last fifteen years that now it's handledmuch more like a real photoshoot. If you want reflections you put a white card over there.

Nathan Fariss: We only need one person to light an entire sequence, whereas typically they would have a master lighter set up then have five shot lighters inherit it and do a lot of shot by shot tweaking.

Eggleston: It is funny too that the world of The Incredibles, both the original and this film, is much more graphic. That's just in the nature of the style of the film. Some of the lighting tools that lean more towards the realistic we had to pull back on, because we don't want that. I do not want realism. It's a great starting point and it gets us there a whole lot faster now.