Heavy Rain The Taxidermist DLC heeft een datum en prijs

RDJ134 20 maart 2010 om 16:53 uur

Sony heeft in een kort persbericht laten weten dat de Heavy Rain The Taxidermist DLC vanaf 1 april via het PSN beschikbaar is. Dit stukje nieuwe content is overigens een prequel chapter, sterker deze hebben we diverse keren tijdens diverse beurzen kunnen zien. Dus eigenlijk betaal je gewoon vijf Euro voor een demo die al sinds jaar en dag gebruikt is. Cool huh?

Fans who pre-ordered Heavy Rain at participating retailers will receive the first episode of The Heavy Rain Chronicles (valued at $4.99 each episode) titled, ‚??Heavy Rain: Chronicle One ‚?? The Taxidermist,‚?Ě on April 1, 2010.

What exactly are The Heavy Rain Chronicles? Each Chronicle will offer unique, stand-alone, playable short stories featuring one of Heavy Rain‚??s main characters, and a storyline taking place either before or after Heavy Rain‚??s original narrative. Similar to Heavy Rain, each episode will offer a unique journey and different outcomes based on the players‚?? decisions and actions. Heavy Rain: Chronicle One ‚?? The Taxidermist will feature investigative journalist Madison Paige in one of her first cases tracking down a serial killer.

The Collector‚??s Edition also contains a voucher to download the following additional content from the PlayStation Store:

  • Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 ‚?? The Taxidermist ‚?? Experience Madison‚??s dangerous investigation in full, before it‚??s available on the PlayStation Store
  • The Heavy Rain Official Soundtrack ‚?? Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road studios, and filled with the powerful orchestral themes that form a key part of the experience of playing Heavy Rain
  • Dynamic XMB theme ‚?? Lend a little Heavy Rain ambience to your XMB
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