Lakka 2.3.2 with RetroArch 1.8.4

RDJ134 23 januari 2020 om 01:49 uur

Augustus 2018 kon je []hier op Eigenwereld mijn recensie van Lakka lezen een prachtig stuk software dat een fork was van RetroArch, of te wel een versimpelde versie voor een shitload aan devices zoals de Raspberry Pi. Nu zijn er sinds dien wel updates geweest, maar tussen de nieuwste en de vorige release heeft vele maanden gezeten. Maar versie 2.3.2. is nu uit en deze is gebaseerd op RetroArch 1.8.4. Wat er allemaal veranderd is en en een download link zijn hier te vinden.

The Lakka team wishes everyone a happy new year and welcomes 2020 with a new update and a new tier-based releases system!

This new Lakka update, 2.3.2, contains RetroArch 1.8.4 (was 1.7.2), some new cores and a handful of core updates.

As part of our new tier-based updates, Lakka 2.3.2 is for now only available for the following platforms:

64-bit Generic (x86_64)
Rasperry Pi 1 and Zero (with and without GPICase)
Raspberry Pi 2 and 3
Raspbery Pi 4

The rest of the platforms will be updated during the following weeks.

As usual, you can update by downloading the new images from the website or by going in the Online Updater directly in your Lakka box.

The future of Lakka

As time goes by, we are slowly moving forward to Lakka 3.0, which we already talked about in a previous release article. We will take this opportunity to drop all the old platforms we cannot maintain and support anymore. Lakka 2.0 will still be available for those, but we won't be moving forward with them for the future.

The list of all dropped platforms will be made available when we release Lakka 3.0.

In the meantime, you can already try Lakka 3.0 by downloading an image for your device here! Since this is a major rewrite of the system, we would like to have user feedbacks as we work on it. Don't hesitate to post an issue on our GitHub repository.

You are also welcome to join our Discord server (#lakkatv channel) to contribute to the project, report your findings, ask for support or just hang out with retrogaming and DIY enthusiasts around the globe!