Samurai Warriors 5 Announcement Trailer

RDJ134 25 februari 2021 om 15:51 uur

De Samurai Warriors franchise gaat al weer een behoorlijke tijd mee, en zal vanaf 27 juli een remaster krijgen van het vijfde deel dat in 2005 uit kwam. Persoonlijk heb ik dit in een ver verleden ooit geprobeerd (gebrande versie, thug life enzo) en vond er toen weinig aan. Maar ik ben ondertussen ouder en nog altijd niet wijzer, maar wil dit zeker spelen, want de eerste trailer ziet er goed uit.

SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 takes place after the end of the ?nin War, during the Sengoku period, and tells the story of two of the most preeminent military commanders of this period - Nobunaga Oda and Mitsuhide Akechi. This title includes various eras from this period, including the younger years of Nobunaga, when he was known as “Owari's Great Fool,” and the period of turmoil and upheaval leading to the Honn?-ji Incident.

All of the game's character designs have been completely redesigned and re-imagined to help fit the storyline's Sengoku time period. In total, SAMURAI WARRIORS 5 features 27 playable characters, including both new and returning warriors, from Ieyasu Tokugawa and Hideyoshi Hashiba to N?, and Yoshimoto Imagawa. Original character Mitsuki, a K?ga Ninja, has also been added, with other new characters to be announced at a later date.

In addition, all-new Musou actions have been added to the series - including newly designed Musou Frenzy Attacks - elevating the thrill of blowing away hordes of enemy soldiers in exhilarating fashion. These actions are displayed in a vibrant new Japanese ink painting art style, elegantly evolving the SAMURAI WARRIORS series to showcase the Sengoku period in stunning fashion as the intertwining stories of Nobunaga and Mitsuhide unravel on screen like a Sengoku period picture scroll.