Interview met Death Valley's Tania Raymonde

RDJ134 7 oktober 2011 om 01:33 uur

Death Valley is één van de leukste Horror komedie shows die er nu op de (M)TV is, alleen is deze serie nog niet te zien op de Nederlandse MTV. Maar de fans die het net als ik downloaden zijn uiteraard bekend met Tania Raymonde die in de rol van de agente Carla Rinaldi speelt. Nu had de website Shocktillyoudrop een interview met haar dat je hier kan lezen.

Shock: The series pushes some boundaries as far as humor and gore is concerned.

Raymonde: [laughs] Yeah, totally! MTV was pretty relaxed in terms of doing whatever we wanted. There were a few things we were not allowed to say, but we tried to. There was some concern over one scene where Captain Dashell [Bryan Callen] called someone a "Vietnamese lady boy" and there were some problems with that. But we've had some freedom with what we could do. The gore and violence, we were always able to push the envelope. We were surrounded by creative people who could come up with the funniest shit possible.

Shock: Obviously you had blast with the gore... You dig the genre?

Raymonde: Well, I like good movies in general, but one of my top three favorites of all time is The Shining and there are some movies I saw as a kid that just trouble me to this day like The Exorcist, The Birds, Rosemary's Baby. I was happy to be part of a genre show and I thought it was cool to do a series that takes a scary premise and makes it funny. That's what makes the show unique. I love shows like The Walking Dead, but I also like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead, so this was a good combo. Plus, there was action. That's my jam, I love that kind of stuff. I did a little bit of it on Lost but not enough to my liking.