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De vaste bezoekers van zijn bekend met Scott en Joey hun wekelijkse avonturen op de Wagon Wheel Flea Market in Florida. Waar beide heren niet alleen videogames kopen en verkopen, maar soms ook de meest vreemde en grappige figuren aan de kraam krijgen. Nu was Scott zo vriendelijk om ons en interview te geven, deze kan je hieronder lezen. De lijst met alle video's kan je hier vinden, en uiteraard hebben ze een ook Facebook pagina.

Can you introduce yourself to the audience?
Hey everyone!! I'm Scott, or Scottsquatch, or JHMDF lol

Video Game Sellers is growing very well in a few months time, how did you get the idea to make it and who is Joey?
I wanted to add more video game related content to my YouTube channel, but I was trying to think of something a little different than what a lot of other people have already done. I had been buying and selling stuff with Joey for a while and told him about an idea I had for a YouTube show. I would follow him around on his daily life selling games at the Flea Market. Video game resellers have a pretty bad reputation, and I wanted to show that they weren't all evil people that wanted to "rip you off". Joey liked the idea and we decided to just start filming and see where it went. At first it wasn't going to be a weekly show, but the response we received right off the bat was so good that it just turned out that way.

What's the most weird experience you had on Wagon Wheel Flea Market with a customer?
So far it has to be the guy with the walkie talkie and the knife who got mad at Joey for not wanting to buy his PS2, and then said the first time he ever played Super Mario Bros. was on the PS1.

What's your favorite episode and why?
Episode 10. It just had a little bit of everything in it, and the intro turned out pretty damn funny.

You got a big passion for video games, so how many games do you have in your collection?
Currently I have a little over 1,300. I tend to get about 5 games a week on average hehe.

How many consoles do you have, and what is your all-time favorite console and why?
I have 23 consoles. I don't collect different color variations or anything like that, just what I need to play the games I want. I think the PS1 might be my favorite because it's the system I think I ended up spending the most time playing on. It came out when I just became a teenager and my parents allowed me to play mature rated games. I discovered Silent Hill and Resident Evil which ended up being my two favorite series.

What is your favorite/most proud and your most expensive game you ever bought?
My favorite game ever is probably Silent Hill 2. My most expensive game I believe is Little Samson, but I have a couple other games that are right around it's going price currently.

Besides the Video Game Sellers video's you do other things like the Halloween stuff and what's your connection with the metal band Korn?
Yes, I am a huge fan of Halloween (the Holiday, the movies ok too hehe). I have decorated for Halloween for over 20 years now and It gets more detailed every year. My connection to the band Korn is that I am the guitar players assistant while the band is on tour. I had to sit out the last tour do to personal family matters at home, but hope to be back out with the band in 2013.

Have you ever been to our country The Netherlands and do you still remember it? ;)
Yes I have, and it was awesome! I have actually been to The Netherlands 2 times, both while on tour working for Korn.

Who farted in episode 9?
Uuummmmm.... Me :)

Will Meghan be a regular on the show, and what's the connection between you and her?
Meghan will pop in from time to time, but probably won't be coming out to the Flea Market on a weekly basis. I want to do some other videos with her like have her show about her Zelda collection. I'm sure you will see her show up in other videos as well now and then. I have known Meghan for about 4 years. She is a coworker of mine at the game store I work at.

How long are you guys doing the Flea Market?
We really don't have a end in sight. I hope to continue the show as long as people want to watch it. As for Joey continuing to sell at the Flea Market, who knows when he will get a full time job or decide to do something different. Until then, I will be following him around sticking a camera in his face. :)




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