Nieuws: Ook de PC krijgt een Crysis 2 demo

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 28 januari 2011 om 20:29 uur

Voordat je nu helemaal blij rond de kamer gaat springen, deze demo zal pas verschijnen vlak voor de release van Crysis 2. Dus technisch gezien heb je er dan nog weinig aan omdat even later de game volop is te downloa.... in de winkels is te vinden. Maar goed aan de andere kant het is GRATIS!!

Earlier this week Crytek released a multiplayer demo for Crysis 2, which was initially announced as being available exclusively on the Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold Members, but has now confirmed that it will also be coming to the PC pre-launch of the game itself, although a specific date was not revealed.

Crysis 2 multiplayer catapults players into a war-torn Manhattan where two teams fight to the death; each using the powers of the Nanosuit to be fast, be strong and be invisible. Maps will be set across Crytek's stunning recreation of New York City, presenting players with vertical gameplay that allows them to strategize, attack and defend from above and below.

The Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo will feature the “Skyline” map, and two game modes; “Team Instant Action” and “Crash Site”. “Team Instant Action” pits two teams against each other as they kill as many opponents as possible to earn higher ranks. In “Crash Site”, players will battle for control of alien drop pods, earning points by guarding their pods and keeping enemies at bay.



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