Nieuws: Leigh Whannell over de uitdagingen van Insidious: The last Key

Geschreven door RDJ134 op 08 januari 2018 om 15:48 uur

De naam Leigh Whannell zal je waarschijnlijk weinig zeggen maar hij is verantwoordelijk voor het script van Insidious Chapter 4: The last Key die ondertussen al $12 miljoen heeft opgebracht in Amerika. De website Coming Soon had een interview met hem en daar van kan je hier onder een klein stukje lezen.

Collider: I love that this movie was focused on Elise and I love how this film presents an older woman in vulnerable, intimate ways that you just don't usually see.

: Yeah, I'm glad to hear you say that. I mean, it's the fourth movie in the series, and so audiences know who Lin's character is. They know all about Elise. It's not something we're doing straight out of the gate, but it is kind of a gift to be able to do this. I'd hazard a guess that if I went to some producer or studio in LA and said, “Listen, I'm gonna write this horror film and I want Lin Shaye to play the lead!” I'd hazard a guess that they would respond, “Well, what if she was the co-lead or what if we had some young people in there, running around with her?”

But because the fans of the Insidious films know the character of Elise so well and they are so affectionate towards her. She gets a great response from audience. That gives you license to put her in those positions, to give her those scenes, to make her the focus, to let her be vulnerable. To let her really drive the movie, more so than she did in the other films. In the first Insidious movie, she was like the quirky supporting character that comes in, in the third act, to save the day like Zelda Rubinstein or something. Now, she gets her own film, and I just love that.



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