DJ Hero 2 Pendulum Mix Pack nu beschikbaar

RDJ134 16 februari 2011 om 03:33 uur

Activision heeft zoals jullie vast wel weten de stekker uit de Guitar Hero en DJ Hero franchise getrokken, en deze games lopen nu ook met de DLC op hun laatste benen. Zo is er voor DJ Hero nog even de Pendulum Mix Pack verschenen, met drie fookin' brute tracks die je nu even in de mix kan mikken.

While Australian electronic music act Pendulum is on tour with Linkin Park, gamers will be able to experience hits off their newest chart-topping album, Immersion, in an all-new way. Virtual DJs can spin, scratch and sing to the best soundtrack in entertainment with three new tracks:

Pendulum Mix Pack (available now):

  • "Watercolour"
  • "Set Me On Fire"
  • "Salt In The Wounds"

    The Pendulum Mix Pack will be available on Xbox Live Marketplace for 640 Microsoft Points and on the PlayStation Store for $7.99. All tracks will be released as downloadable singlesfor Wii for 300 Wii Points.
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