Jim Cummings over zijn voice acting in Christopher Robin

RDJ134 2 augustus 2018 om 00:58 uur

Disney gaat groots scoren met Christopher Robin, de film waar in Winnie de Pooh prachtig realistisch rond loop. De man die verantwoordelijk voor de stem van Pooh en Tigger is, is Jim Cummings en de website Collider had met hem een interview over deze aankomende film die vanaf 9 augustus te zien is in de Nederlandse bioscopen.

Collider: Because you have been voicing Winnie the Pooh and Tigger for so long, what is the magic of these characters for you?

: I can't even describe it. I just have to say that it's truly a blessing and an honor. It's a privilege to carry these characters forward to a new generation, in such a fresh way. They're absolutely beautiful, these little guys. I even have a teddy bear of my own at home that's about 60 years old, and it's all I could do to keep from throwing him into the Hundred Acre Wood with the rest of his friends. It's just so sweet and such a blessed feeling. The reception to the movie has been so beautiful. It gets me just as much as it does anybody else because I feel like I'm in the audience. I'm literally never on the screen, even though it's my voice. It's just wonderful. It gets me right in the feels, which apparently is a new expression.

When this was pitched to you as a half live-action, half CG-animated film, did you have concerns about that?

CUMMINGS: I thought, "Hmm, how's that gonna work?" You don't want to do it Roger Rabbit style because that's not what this genre supports, especially after the beauty of Beauty and the Beast and The Jungle Book. I absolutely bought a 20-foot orangutan. I was in. I think it carries its own magic. It's not the same, but it's just as magical. This is a little hyper-real. It's got its own magic and I think people are going to respond to it, beautifully.