The Division 2 Year 1 Content, Year 1 Pass and Monetization Details

RDJ134 27 februari 2019 om 17:18 uur

Dit weekeinde zal Tom Clancy's: The Division 2 open beta verschijnen en is de game vanaf 15 maart beschikbaar voor alle bekende systemen. Vandaag maakt Ubisoft bekend wat je van het eerste jaar kan verwachten, want er gaat een hele hoop content en uitbreidingen komen en daar over je hier alles lezen en bekijken in de onderstaande video.

Year 1 Content: Episodes and Specializations

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2, we are focused on offering you an exciting endgame experience on Day One. What's more, we are committed to bring you more content regularly, that we believe will improve and renew your experience every time you spawn in Washington D.C. To that end, we will release three Episodes during the course of Year 1, expanding on the story of The Division 2. These Episodes will introduce new narrative driven content, as well as new ways to play the game. This additional content will be free for all players of The Division 2. Alongside the Episodes we will also release three brand new Specializations for you to take on Washington's challenges in a new way, each of them bringing a new unique signature weapon and skills tree to unlock and master.

Check out our Year 1 trailer now to find out more about our post-launch content, as well as a first exclusive glimpse into our upcoming 8-player Raid: