Trailer en screens van 007 Legends Goldfinger level

RDJ134 18 september 2012 om 17:42 uur

007 Legends ligt vanaf 16 oktober in de winkels, en daar neemt deze titel neemt ons mee naar de oude en de nieuwste James Bond films. Eén hier van is de legendarische Goldfinger uit 1964 en daar van zijn er nu een paar screens en een trailer vrij gegeven.

Activision revealed Goldfinger - one of the most iconic James Bond movies - as the fifth 007 movie-inspired mission that joins Die Another Day, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in this year's upcoming 007 Legends video game. In 007 Legends, the Goldfinger mission finds the best undercover agent early in his career investigating Auric Goldfinger - a gold magnate thought to be behind a recent spike in gold prices - only to discover a larger plot to irradiate the entire Fort Knox gold reserve.

In order to thwart the plot, Bond takes action to infiltrate Goldfinger's headquarters with help from a questionable acquaintance - Pussy Galore. Upon arrival at Fort Knox, 007 is tasked with defusing a nuclear bomb before it detonates, and the only thing standing between Bond and the bomb is Goldfinger's henchman - Oddjob - and his notoriously deadly hat. Will Bond be able to defeat Oddjob? Will Goldfinger's evil plans succeed? Check out 007 Legends this fall to experience some of the biggest moments in Bond history in this unique