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The Good Dinosaur van Disney-Pixar laat ons zien hoe de wereld er uit zou zien als de dinosauriërs nooit waren uitgestorven. Deze film staat voor 25 november op de Pathe agenda, en had de website Collider een interview met Peter Shon over deze film. Daar van kan je hier onder alvast een stukje lezen.

Can you talk about sort of the history of the project? Because originally Bob Peterson was directing, and then you came on. Can you talk about the transition and what the film looked like from his vision and your vision and the overlap?

Sure. I had directed the short Partly Cloudy and worked with Bob on Up, and he pitched a couple of ideas, one of them being this dinosaur movie about a boy and dog, and he asked me to come develop it. And I think it was 2009, I keep saying that and maybe that's wrong, but I started with him there and one of the first drawing I had done was the dinosaur with the head in the head in the earth and that really kind of sparked the simple idea and we would work together. The story from there started to get complicated, where we would focus on a storyline here and a storyline there, then I was asked to come on and then refocus it and in refocusing it, it was all about going back to Bob's original heart of this thing, and that was something that I really wanted to honor in terms of that boy and dog story and then flipping it. That was his concept that I connected to, I love that boy and dog story. But then it was about trying to -In doing that I made Arlo younger and then also had Spot kind of become more of the catalyst, where Arlo had a hole in his life that Spot would fill. And then from there trying to figure out all the characters that would support that younger character, and what's funny is that this really is one of the first Pixar movies that our main characters are younger. I know Riley is younger, but Joy and Sadness are more from an adult point of view, if that makes any sense. Transitioning -Bob's still here and he's working on a lot of movies and he has been one of my great mentors here and so in terms of that transition I was really scared to have to kind of jump into this directing job for the first time. But there'd be so much support even from him and from everyone that you could do it, keep going. So, we're almost done [Laughs].



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